How To Make Your Events More Eco-Friendly & Sustainable?

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July 3, 2022

If you want to plan truly environmentally friendly events, you have to start right at the beginning.

Some of the first planning decisions you make — like the city and venue where you host the event — can make the biggest impact. So it’s at this point, in the pre-planning stages, when event organizers have the most power to influence their event sustainability. Here, we’ll share seven seriously effective ways to lower the carbon footprint of your event.

What is an Eco-Friendly Event?

Eco-friendly events are events that are planned with a concern for the environment. They can be as simple as using recycled materials for decorations or choosing to have a zero waste event.

There are many ways to make an event eco-friendly, but the most important thing is to think about the impact of your event on the environment and how you can minimize that impact.

1. Choose a green venue

The venue you choose for your event will have a significant impact on the environment and your attendees. The venue you choose should be one that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and has a green policy in place.

There are many venues that fit these criteria, with some of them being more eco-friendly than others.

Some venues offer sustainable catering options, and recycling facilities and use renewable energy sources to power their events.

It’s important to consider the environmental impact of the venue before making your final decision.

2. Incentivize your guests to reduce waste

We are living in a world where the environment is constantly under threat. The need for reducing waste is a global concern and how we can incentivize guests to reduce their waste is important.

There are many ways to go about incentivizing guests to reduce their waste such as providing an incentive for guests who bring their own containers, offering discounts on items that are not recyclable, and providing recycling bins in the restrooms.

3. Provide food and drinks in reusable containers and utensils

In order to reduce the amount of waste that is created and to reduce the cost of running a business, it is important to provide food and drinks in reusable containers.

These containers can be reused for a long time and can be used for many different types of food or drinks. They are also more environmentally friendly than disposable cups or containers. This will not only save the company money but will also help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that is created.

The use cases for these reusable containers are endless because they can be used for any type of food or drink. They are also easy to clean which helps make them more sanitary than disposable cups or containers.

4. Promote sustainable transportation options

We are constantly trying to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and we have found that cycling is a great way to do so.

The benefits of cycling as a transportation option include:

- Promoting healthy living by getting exercise while traveling.

- Reducing the amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

- Reducing parking congestion and traffic on the roads.

- Increasing local business revenue by attracting more customers who bike instead of driving.

5. Use environmentally friendly products in your decorating and catering environment

It's not just about the environment, it's also about your guests. If you're hosting an event, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable and happy. You also want to make sure that they're not going to get sick from eating food or drinking beverages served in plastic containers.

There are many environmentally friendly products on the market today that can help you create an event space that is safe for all of your guests, including those who have allergies or sensitivities.

6. Reduce energy and water consumption at your events

To reduce your energy and water impacts, ask the following questions:

  • Can you keep the lighting to a minimum during move-in and move-out?
  • Can you keep AC or Heat off during move-in and move-out when possible?
  • Can you implement a power down plan and end of show day?  (basically make ask that lights are turned off and that any other AV equipment enters a power-saving mode a the close of show day).

What can you easily influence as an event organizer? To reduce the energy and water use onsite, remember to eliminate bottled water from your event, and ask the catering partner to not pre-pour water glasses for banquet events.

Now You’re Ready to Make Your Events & Meetings Greener!

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