Jeddah Season 2022... Historic Turnout & Great Happiness

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June 26, 2022

The zones of the events of the Jeddah Season 2022 continue their distinguished international shows with the start of the extended school vacation, and the reception of visitors and tourists from inside and outside the Kingdom to enjoy an atmosphere of joy, adventures, and family events.

One Place For All Desires!

The marine and sports events in the season provide sea lovers with what they wish at Jeddah Waves and the Yacht Club, which daily attract many visitors who love marine sports and adventures. At the same time, children enjoy a large share of their favorite events, exhibitions, and shows that suit their interests in various event sites.

Fans of artistic, theatrical, and lyrical shows go to theaters and sites that meet their desires with their various daily shows, while Jeddah Jungle is witnessing demand from jungle enthusiasts and discovering animal life and information, as Jungle provides them with many live events.

City Walk receives a large number of visitors during Jeddah season 2022, and the demand increases with the extended school holidays to enjoy the various activities and experiences of the region, and the variety of options in it suits all tastes and ages.

While enthusiasts of historical areas, cultural and entertainment events head to Historic Jeddah to live a different experience among the heritage buildings. Jeddah Pierre welcomes children and youth of both sexes with its exciting games and various recreational activities, while many visitors find Prince Majed Park an ideal destination among nature and greenery and in the midst of various cultural and recreational activities.

The various international exhibitions taking place in the Jeddah Superdome region have attracted many visitors, due to their global value, with the participation of many world stars in its various activities, who have a wide fan base worldwide in the fields of art and entertainment, which reflected the Kingdom’s position, making it the focus of attention and an ideal place for exhibitions global high.

4 Million Visitors!

Jeddah Season 2022 has attracted 4 million visitors of different ages and nationalities since its launch last May, in an atmosphere of joy and entertainment, and the increased turnout, who interacted with live shows and global experiences that meet all desires.

Recording this record of visitors confirms the historical, cultural, and recreational features of the city of Jeddah as a permanent tourist destination in the region. The Jeddah Season 2022 contributed to strengthening and consolidating this position, through the volume of events that reached 2,800 days of activity, experiments, exhibitions, plays, and “international” parties presented to the public by local and international parties.

Saudi: Jeddah Season coincide with Eid

Diversity is embodied in Jeddah season, through cultural performances in “Historic Jeddah”, distinguished international exhibitions in “Jeddah Superdome”, cultural forums and multiple events in “Prince Majid Park”, restaurants, shows and stores in “Jeddah Art Promenade”, in addition to a group of marine sports and activities, plays, art concerts, and a number of interesting experiences and events, with an identity that blends entertainment, education, tourism, and history.

2800 Events Under The Sky Of Jeddah

The activities of the second edition of the 2022 Jeddah Season kicked off with the first day of Eid Al-Fitr in the “Jeddah Art Promenade”, and will last for 60 days.

It includes 2,800 days of activities, in 9 main areas, in the presence of a large number of Jeddah residents and visitors who flocked to celebrate the season, enjoy various events and exciting live performances, and what distinguishes Jeddah as a permanent destination for tourism, entertainment, and events in the region.

Jeddah Season 2022 this year is accompanied by a unique set of international events, artistic and theatrical performances taking place at event sites, Arab and international art concerts, games, and entertainment cities, in addition to specialized exhibitions that the season will witness.

These events include the following: Arab and Western music concerts, international and Arab plays, international exhibitions, international circus shows, fireworks, and entertainment shows; The management of the Jeddah Season 2022 was keen to invest all the elements of the city of Jeddah tourism, historical, cultural and marine in diversifying the options for the visitor and family members and providing more opportunities for the sons and daughters of the country to participate in the season.

It is noteworthy that the Jeddah Season 2022 is one of the famous festivals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; It constitutes many events in various fields, including education and entertainment, with a display of many stations that the Kingdom and the city of Jeddah, in particular, have gone through.

The season aims to shed light on Jeddah and include it in the global community and make it the capital of tourism and entertainment in the Kingdom. The season also provides growing opportunities for Saudi youth and a prosperous future for future generations.


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