How To Plan the Best Festival In 9 Steps?

Entertainment Industry

July 31, 2022

Music festivals have certainly emerged as big business in the last few years in Saudi Arabia. Festivals are a great event type for companies who want to gain exposure and provide an incredible experience for their target audiences.

Discover how LuxuryKSA plans the best festival for our clients with this straightforward guide.

How to plan a festival in 9 steps?

Follow this easy music festival checklist for how to plan a festival that will impress your clients.

1. Create firm goals and choose the right KPIs. 

Ask your client these questions at your kickoff meeting to get a clear picture of their festival vision:

  • What are the top three music festivals, past or present, most similar to your ideal event? What things do you love about those festivals and want to include in your own design?
  • When your attendees leave the festival, what are the two main things you want them to say to friends about it the next day?
  • Why is it important for your company to put on a music festival instead of a different event type?

2. Understand budget constraints. 

Learn where to boast or save your client’s existing budget without sacrificing event quality.

Invest in the perfect venue to enhance the attendee experience and set up future versions of the event for success since most music festivals maintain the same location throughout their existence. 

3. Make a timeline for your festival.

  • Start planning the event 6 or more months in advance. 
  • Secure big picture items such as festival goals, theme, and musicians 3-6 months in advance.
  • Solidify details such as caterers, permits, and extra activities 1-3 months out.
  • Leave important yet smaller, one-off tasks such as parking organization and festival map printing until 1 month before.

4. Identify your audience to plan the best festival for them.

Ask your clients for any documentation they have about their main target demographics and get their input as to who they picture will attend this event. Analyze your client’s existing social media following to create a target persona for your festival. 

Build your agenda around their biggest supporters to ensure high attendance within their existing network. 

5. Craft a high-impact event promotion and ticket sales plan. 

Prioritize digital marketing over offline marketing – it’s more cost-effective, easier to measure, and leaves room for experimentation thanks to real-time feedback. 

Then, tailor your outreach strategy to include online communities where they already hang out, such as a subReddit page for a band you’re going to pitch.

6. Find the perfect venue. 

Research similar music festivals and related events that have happened in your area in the past two years to see which venues they frequent. Chances are your target audience may already know and love the space, which can push them over the edge when they buy tickets since they’ll positively associate your event with others they’ve seen there.

Next, go for on-site tours at your top two or three locations. Consider the cost, capacity, location, decor, layout, and available A/V equipment.

7. Pitch festival sponsors. 

Start with event sponsors your clients already have relationships with. Use popular incentives such as specific band sponsorships, kickback or VIP lounge space sponsorships, or merchandise booth space. 

8. Hire vendors and event staff. 

Find vendors who can help direct parking, set up and take down the venue, provide venue security, run check-in, and man first aid stations.

Partner with a catering company to mix drinks and serve food to guests throughout the festival. Opt for food trucks if you want to take advantage of famous local brands and have a nice picnic space to host it all in. 

9. Plan your venue decor, lighting, signage, and weather protection. 

Use your venue theme and style to handle most of the decor for you. Run lighting options by your bands to see what they have in mind for designs, then work with your venue lighting professional to do a run-through rehearsal with them ahead of time. 

Place directional banners along the tops of entrances and exits to help direct traffic in multi-space venues. Add sponsor logos to your stage backdrop and make sure to include your clients’ company names on any available tents or billboards. Have backup tent rentals and an alternative layout plan for any weather-related issues.  

Plan the best festival ever with the right event management agency.

Now you know the step-by-step process for how to plan the best festival possible for your clients. Go for the next level and contact LuxuryKSA!

With over 10 years of experience producing world-class, memorable events, Luxury has the skills and resources to produce immersive events with the latest technology. We can’t promise you the world, but we can take your events to the TREND!

Join our upcoming event and live the adventure, feel the entertainment in KSA…  Don’t miss the enjoyment!


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