The Crown Prince Camel Festival: Celebrating The Saudi Folklore

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July 17, 2022

The Saudi Camel Federation announced the launch date of His Highness the Crown Prince’s Camel Festival 2022, as it was decided that it will be on Saturday 24th of next Dhu al-Hijjah, corresponding to next July 23, in the Taif Governorate in the Makkah region, on the Taif Camel Square.

The festival is the largest of its kind in the world, will last for 44 days, and contains 600 runs, with prizes amounting to 56 million Saudi riyals.

The Federation called on all participants in this great sporting event to the necessity and importance of adhering to the general conditions of participation, and adherence to the regulations and instructions that would contribute to the success of the festival, which enjoys official and public attention, and includes all segments of society that are keen to attend camel races.

What Do Camels Mean To The Saudi Culture?

Camels are part of the culture, heritage, and history of KSA, where the Kingdom celebrates the International Day of Camel on June 22, and camel racing is one of the most famous Arab sports throughout the ages, whose love is passed on to generations one after the other.

Promoting Saudi Folklore

The Media and Public Relations Committee of the Saudi Camel Federation stated that the federation seeks to benefit from all channels and media to introduce the Crown Prince Camel Festival and its role in consolidating the heritage of camel racing and promoting it in Saudi and Arab culture, in addition to supporting the tourism and economic movement in the Kingdom, and promoting the famous heritage of the generation. The new, and conveying the Saudi culture and the cultural depth of the Kingdom to the world through these festivals.

Achieving Cultural Goals

They added that the festival succeeded in enhancing the civilized and national aspects, and contributed to achieving the desired cultural and economic goals. In previous editions, it reached a number of achievements, including setting world records in the Guinness Book of Records.

LuxuryKSA Is A Part Of This Big Event!

We were honored to organize the Crown Prince Camel Festival in its 3rd edition, and it was one of the most memorable festivals to manage and organize! Today, we are all excited to manage The Crown Prince Camel Festival in its 4th edition, to offer you all that is new and interesting.

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