Top Tips For A Successful Conference Or Meeting Management

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September 21, 2022

Whether it’s a staff retreat, an all-day event, or a multi-day annual meeting, planning a conference is not an easy effort. It takes research, sourcing, booking, scheduling, and most importantly, organizing.

If you're about to plan a conference, here are a few tips to help get you from the ideas stage to hosting a successful event from LuxuryKSA.

The objective of the conference

Why do you want to host a conference or a meeting? The first step in planning an event is to identify the purpose of the event. Are you trying to:

  • increase sales
  • train employees on new skills
  • inspire and motivate people and reward them for a successful year

Know your audience

Who is your target audience? Identifying your target audience will allow you to :

  • tailor content to a specific audience receptive to the objective
  • market your event
  • target precise attendees using tools such as social media

The meeting content

What will your audience take with them? Your content! The most talked about aspect of an event is likely to be its inspirational and motivational message. Your audience should be interested in the content and believe that they will benefit from it.

Planning your budget

Precise planning and management will ensure you don’t go over budget. It's also important to understand your budget when looking for sponsors to help share the expense of the event.

Keep in mind to include the following costs in your budget:

  • Registration fees and data collection
  • The venue, including meals and related expenses
  • Traveling costs
  • Speakers’ fees
  • Sound and AV cost
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Gifts for participants and speakers

The Conference technology and sound

The quality of sound and visual presentations can make or break an event. Poor sound quality is one of the number one reasons that participants don’t benefit from an event. Hire a reputable AV company and, if using a hotel or a hall sound system, make sure the AV quality and functionality are adequate for the size of your audience.

The Conference agenda

How smoothly will your event unfold? The agenda for a successful event has a well-thought-out logical flow with:

  • Content-rich material scheduled during morning sessions (when everyone is fresh)
  • Lighter material placed between content-rich sessions (to pace the flow of information)
  • An inspirational session is set at the end of the day (participants leave feeling positive)


How do you encourage people to register for your event early?

  • Use your web pages/mail to market and advertise frequently leading up to your event.
  • The first incentive should be for early registration, such as a giveaway or early bird pricing.
  • The second incentive can be built around supply and demand. That can include a limited number of VIP seats or special products given to a limited number of people.

Follow-up after the meeting

Organizers often wonder why the participation at a current event is less than the year before. They often blame it on the marketing for the current event, the speaker lineup, or the agenda; however, it may be something about the last event that discouraged participants from coming back. Some great ways to follow up include:

  • Online evaluations
  • Sending participants content from the event
  • A follow-up newsletter outlining the highlights of the event
  • Social media pages created specifically for the event

Make Conference Planning Easy

Conference planning and management involve many moving parts, particularly on the technology side. Of course, you can look for separate organizers that will take care of each of these tasks, but that can get very expensive and very tedious. 

Here at LuxuryKSA, we’re proud to be the number one rated event and conference management agency in KSA. We regularly help you to plan and execute events, as well as engage with their communities well after the event is over.  If you’re curious to learn more, contact us. 

Best of luck with your conference! ✌


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