Mark Your Calendar: Saudi Events Happening in 2023

Saudi Events

May 3, 2023

Many events are held annually in Saudi Arabia, attracting tourists and residents from all nationalities, and big events in Saudi Arabia will be held during 2023, with more than 700 activities. If you’re searching for upcoming events in Saudi Arabia, find out in this article all the events in Saudi Arabia 2023, including the date of each event. 

Upcoming events in Saudi Arabia 2023

Either you’re searching for family events in Riyadh, cultural events, or free events in Jeddah, check out some of these upcoming events in Saudi Arabia 2023: 

Event Name: City Walk

City Walk in Jeddah

Venue: Jeddah

Date: April 24 — June 7, 2023

Brief: A diverse recreational area for adults and children, it includes several restaurants and stores that satisfy many tastes.

Event Name: The LINE Exhibition

THE LINE Experience Exhibition in Riyadh showcases its revolutionary designs for NEOM's Projects.

Venue: Riyadh

Date: November 6, 2022 — August 19, 2023

Brief: Riyadh exhibition showcases NEOM’s futuristic city THE LINE. During your visit to this exhibition, you will experience detailed designs, architectural models, and informative films explaining the project in all its glory. Tickets are free for all ages.

Event Name: The Islamic Arts Biennale

Islamic Art Biennale

Venue: Jeddah

Date: January 23 — May 23, 2023

Brief: The first-of-its-kind Islamic Art Biennale hosts the art and stories of Islam in action, providing an innovative platform for learning, research, and insight into the genre.

Event Name: The Art Library Exhibition

The Art Library Exhibition at Misk Art Institute

Venue: Riyadh

Date: 1 March 2023 - 15 June 2023

Brief: Explore the rich artistic legacy of Arab artists and their modern and contemporary artworks in “The Art Library” book series, an art book series that highlights some of the most prominent Arab artists and showcases their modern and contemporary artworks in both Arabic and English.

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