UNWTO Executive Council Event Planning: From Jeddah To The World!

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June 19, 2022

Held for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the 116th session was the largest meeting of the Executive Council since the start of the pandemic, with more than 200 participants and 32 countries represented.

The Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia and host of the Executive Council, Ahmed Al Khateeb, said: “Tourism’s restart in many countries around the world offers a unique chance to rethink tourism governance, communications, and beyond. We have an incredible opportunity to set a new way forward, to create a strong future for the global tourism sector, and we must embrace it.”

Welcoming The Visitors to Jeddah

As an event planning agency, LuxuryKSA managed the welcoming of visitors to the historic Jeddah city. Heartfelt welcoming joined by renowned delegates, 116th UNWTO Executive Council was a project to remember!

Hosting The Event

It was an honor to host the 116th UNWTO Executive Council. The first in-person meeting since the pandemic.

Delegates from 35 member states came together in the pride of the red sea, Jeddah to outline and discuss a sustainable and resilient future for tourism driven by unity.

Managing The Gala Dinner

During the Gala Dinner, partnerships were formed, agreements were made, friendships were solidified and the sector united. We always believe that together we build a better tomorrow for the the whole world!

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The 116th meeting of the UNWTO Executive Council was one of the most joyful events we managed for The Ministry of Tourism. Keep an eye on our social media pages to know more about the upcoming events.

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