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Saudi Vision 2030

The Kingdom's Vision 2030 has paid great attention to the entertainment sector by working to support and enhance it, and to encourage the private sector to make contributions to it. Therefore, LuxuryKSA seeks to enhance the achievements of our Kingdom's vision and achieve maximum future ambitions.

National Events Center

The National Events Center was established in 2020, and the center aims to:

  • Developing the events sector in Saudi Arabia, in all areas of entertainment, sports, tourism and culture.
  • Stimulating the regulatory environment appropriate for the growth and enrichment of the sector, in coordination with the executive authorities.
  • Improving the services provided to the events sector by building a coherent system among stakeholders.
  • Enhancing integration in planning and implementation to achieve optimal economic and social returns.

Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season is a huge international festival that takes place in over 15 regions. It aims to transform the city into a global tourist entertainment destination, in accordance with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

General Entertainment Authority

The General Entertainment Authority was established in line with Saudi Vision 2030 to regulate and develop the entertainment sector by providing inclusive world-class entertainment offerings.

Seven - Saudi Entertainment Ventures

Seven is a company owned by the Public Investment Fund. It seeks to create a thriving entertainment economy by providing options that meet the local needs and developing talents and capabilities in the entertainment sector.

Jeddah Season

Jeddah Season is a festival that aims to shed light on Jeddah and make it the capital of tourism and entertainment in the Kingdom. It is one of the 11 seasons launched under the “Saudi Seasons” initiative that the Kingdom celebrates throughout the year.


King Abdullah Economic City is the newest Saudi city, which includes a developed port on the Red Sea coast, and entertainment is one of its current attractions.

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Under the auspices and organization of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, many events and projects have been held that aim to redefine the concept of entertainment in the Kingdom globally.

Flash Entertainment

FLASH is a leading sustainable event entertainment company with a strong regional presence and unrivaled global reputation.

Ministry Of Culture

The Ministry of Culture is concerned with the cultural scene in the Kingdom at the local and international levels, and is keen to preserve the Kingdom's heritage while striving to build a cultural future in which various types of culture and arts.

Royal Commission For Riyadh City

It is an institution responsible for the development of the city of Riyadh in the economic, social, cultural, urban and environmental aspects through many modern development programs and projects.

MBC Group

MBC Group occupies the leading position to be the number 1 site in the Middle East among the local sites in the field of news, entertainment and interactive service platforms in the Arab world.

Ministry Of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism is concerned with developing the tourism sector by organizing various programs, activities, and supporting effective partnerships in line with the Kingdom's Vision.

Ministry Of Sport

The Ministry of Sports aims to organize the sports sector, promote its components, and provide modern facilities to expand the base of sports practitioners and achieve local and global excellence.

Alwaleed Philanthropies

Alwaleed Philanthropies is a Saudi non-profit organization whose mission is to build bridges of cultural understanding, community development, women and youth empowerment, and disaster relief.

STC Saudi Telecom

STC is the first operator of telecommunications services in the Kingdom, working to provide digital services in several areas such as communications, IT, digital payments, cyber security, and others.

Quality Of Life Program

A program concerned with improving the quality of life of by creating the necessary environment to support new options that enhance the participation of citizens in cultural, recreational, sports, tourism and other activities.

Diplomatic Quarter General Authority

The mission of the DQGA is to manage and develop the Diplomatic Quarter economically, socially, culturally and historically, while providing its facilities and services.

Diriyah Gate Development Authority

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority is a Saudi government agency, established with the aim of developing the Diriyah area urbanly, culturally, and economically due to its historical significance.


Swarovski is the premiere jewelry and accessory brand operating and maintaining the tradition of offering exceptional jewelry style to all over the world.


The Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate was established to preserve the heritage of Al-Ula and enhance its position as one of the important archaeological and cultural destinations and promote it all over the world.

Aseer Development Authority

The Authority aims to make Aseer a leading global destination, from which everyone draws inspiration from the harmony between originality and modernity based on its strengths of originality and nature.

Alfaisal University

Alfaisal University is located in the heart of the city of Riyadh, and it is one of the initiatives of the King Faisal Charitable Foundation as the first private, non-profit university in the Kingdom.

Riyadh Municipality

The Riyadh Municipality is concerned with the development of the Riyadh region, and the achievement of sustainable development, with an integrated national perspective to serve the community and the citizen.


Careem is one of the emerging companies specialized in delivery, until today it has become one of the largest companies providing delivery services throughout the Arab world.


PepsiCo is one of the biggest international food and beverage companies in the Kingdom.


SpaceToon is an Arabic TV channel that specializes in animated films and series, anime, and children's and teens' shows.


EASYPOS is a program that operates on the cloud point of sale system, providing branch management services, monitoring their performance, and many features for businesses.


Personage is a creative store that brings together the latest international and local brands in the world of fashion and jewelry in Riyadh.


Nova Resort Riyadh is located within the Radisson Collection in Riyadh, and combines luxury, relaxation, and comfort.

Qomrah 2

Qomrah program is a media platform available to participants from all countries for those who wish to shoot targeted videos on specific topics.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group offers the highest levels of service and luxury, and has won many awards for the luxurious services and hospitality it provides.


Rotana is a commercial group that owns an entertainment channels company. It also organizes concerts for Rotana artists around the world.

Cirque Des Sens

A contemporary circus that combines the power of performers and acrobats to take the viewer into a magical world.


Maserati is one of the Italian giants in the manufacture of racing cars and sports cars.


One of the leading companies specializing in services for the events and exhibitions industry in the Middle East.

Luxury Agency

Luxury Group is the parent company of several companies for event management, video production and talents management.

Live Nation Entertainment

It is an American global entertainment company that promotes, operates, and manages live entertainment events worldwide.

ICM Partners

A global talent management agency that manages the work of artists in TV, music, publishing, and entertainment worldwide.

Dance It Out Dubai

A company specialized in musical and creative performances in events and live performances.

Almajal G4S

A partner in facilities management, hospitality, security guarding, monitoring and other services.


A global company that specializes in recruiting talents from all over the world for shows and events.

Hero Ventures

The producer of Marvel Experience shows and their live events around the world.


A leading Saudi company in managing digital platforms, marketing, producing readable and visual content, and programming applications.

WME - Talents Agency

A global talent management company, artists and content creators.

Al-Hokair Group

Al-Hokair Group for Tourism and Development is specialized in establishing, managing, operating and maintaining game cities, entertainment and tourism centers, and others.

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