Project Started:
Friday, January 1, 2021

Introduction To The Project:

Jabal Al-Fil or Elephant Rock is an amazing place located in the middle of the golden sand of the Al-Ula desert. 

It is considered a historical venue to attract tourists and locals to discover the beauty of Al-Ula and enjoy its uniqueness.

Tantora’s action-packed lineup takes place against the backdrop of AlUla, a heritage site once set upon the ancient incense trade route from Arabia to Egypt. The UNESCO-recognized site is not yet open to the public, so the festival was a rare opportunity to be among the first to experience its timeless charm.

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The Elephant rock café’ was one of the Winter at Tantora Festival’s projects in 2021.

Locals and tourists were welcomed to enjoy mouth-watering dining, take part in an immersive augmented reality experience telling the story of Al Ula's Elephant Rock history!


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LuxuryKSA would like to thank the efforts and hard work of all the organizers, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, artists, decorators, and all participants.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated from our side.


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