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Event production focuses on the live, stage presentations of an event. Working with presenters, audio-visual crews, and technology vendors, event production teams in LuxuryKSA produce and deliver amazing live experiences at each event.

Event Production Main Services

  1. Audio

The backbone of every event is clear communication, and when hosting a celebration your speakers and entertainment deserve to be heard.

We design impactful public address systems that deliver crystal-clear audio throughout.

  1. Logistics

This includes all the types of equipment that are needed to conduct the event smoothly. The cameras, lights, speakers, etc., are all essential and almost irreplaceable.

We always have a team dedicated solely to loading and unloading all kinds of equipment at the venue.

  1. Lighting

Setting the right tone to align the mood of your guests is paramount.

A well-managed lighting design can transform a space and solidify your brand's identity.

  1. Video & Live Streaming

At the core of every award show, meeting, or conference lies the content. The modern company must often reach beyond the venue and deliver information instantly in an increasingly connected world.

Further to visual equipment hire and installation, we can stream your event to locations around the world via dedicated servers.

  1. Staging & Set 

Your speakers, panelists and performers need a platform and a backdrop that demands attention.

Modest or impressive, savvy staging and set design will support your speakers and elevate your entertainers.

  1. Branding

Every message can be enhanced by small or large-scale branding solutions.

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Past Projects

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